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(Athens Role Playing Society)

Do you want to play Dungeons and Dragons fantasy role-playing or other Role playing games? 

A.R.P.S. is looking for mature (18+ years old), easygoing people for an ongoing D&D 3.5 campaign. No RPG or D&D experience needed, just enthusiasm. We arenít rules experts, bloodthirsty (most of the time) or boring. We are looking for women and men who want to have fun and play D&D. 

We are part of the RPGA Network - D&D 3.5 Edition Living Greyhawk setting. Long live Veluna!

              Game Time:        
We play year-round on Wednesdays from 7-11 p.m.
Don't be late!

For more info contact:

Douglas Bowie - founder of ARPS

Cindy Poland

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